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Creator II
Creator II

conditionial hide with CTl-shift-S

I used to hide some sheets with CTL-shift-s and 0 in the general properties of the sheet in show-> conditional.

I cannot show or hide a sheet anymore with these keys.

I know we changed some server security settings but I cannot figure out what causes this  to fail.

When I use these keys I get the possibility to select something (red square) but nothing happens with the selection, and sometimes the screen zoomes in.

Should it still be possible to conditional hide a sheet with these keys ?

Qlik version 12.10.20600.0 SR8

3 Replies

Check if you have enabled 'Show All Sheets and Objects'

Contributor III
Contributor III

Uncheck Show All Sheets and Objects in Settings.

(CTRL+Alt+D--> Security--> Uncheck Show All Sheets and Objects)

Creator II
Creator II

They are hidden now But I still cannot make them visible with Ctl-shift-S