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data driven alerting on qlik sense?

I know that there's no native capability to do data drive alerting on qlik sense -- but do you recommend any 3rd party plugins/applications for this? Thanks!

Scenario: if the sales in x region is less than $10,000 during last 7 days then email regional director.


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Quick update: Found a vendor: Business Intelligence Software | Metric Insights that does this. I plan to evaluate them in next few days.

Master II
Master II

Hi Paras,

You have a work around for this.

Process to follow:

Create a qlik application script which can write all the KPI's you are looking to have alerts on. This Qlik application will write a file on to the server with all the KPI's and its respective values. Once done, if you have a scheduled python script which can read the generated KPI files by the Qlik application, you will be able to send timely data driven alerts and will solve your issue.

check this out for an example : Automatic Alerts(Email)