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Creator II
Creator II

display the date on the x axis across several expressions


Whilst waiting for help with some of my other queries i thought i'd post a question which i'm sure is simple to answer....

I have a Bar chart that is showing stacked bars for several instances of a customers journey. Its currently displaying it in order (earliest time and day first ) which is great but i'd like to overlay the day (or date - i have both as fields registered within the data) on the x axis (either above or below the time) but i can't seem to do it.

If i use the expression =(Day) or =Only(Day) then it displays as in the picture which is very messy.

What i'd like it to do is display the day (or Date) across several of the fields, so for instance the Word 'Saturday' would be above (or below) the first 3 data instances, Sunday under the next 2 and so on.

Customer Journey.jpeg

Can anyone help?




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