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I'm new to qlikview and trying to publish qlikview documents using publisher. My organisation has single machine cluster which has both publisher and server. The users put their files on a network drive and that is source document. Document Administrator creates publisher task to copy files from network drive to qlikserver (user document) so that they can be accessed on access point.

Question: Will the publisher task copy both qvw and qvd. If it will copy only qvw then will it pull the data from qvd in memory or no?


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The publisher run the task to reload the data, a .qvw in the spurce folder that (maybe) use some.qvd.

When the reload finishes, it saves the .qvw in the source folder.

Then the .qvw is distributed on the server (front end), in the user document folder.

When the user open the .qvw in the access point, Qlik (server) loads the .qvw, not the .qvd.

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Thanks M G

So, when publisher copies the file from source doc to user doc it has updated data even if there is no qvd in user document environment.


Yes. The reload updates the data in the .qvw (source folder). The distribute copy the .qvw from source to user folder.

In the publisher you can choose to reload only, distribute only, or both (usually both).

If you only reload the .qvw and don't distribute the result is an updated .qvw in the source folder, no change in the user folder.

If you only distribute the .qvw the result is the source .qvw copied in the user folder.