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Creator II
Creator II

dynamic calculation

i have to table two tables following:


prod  q1  q2  q3  q4

A       6     8     5     9


prod   start      end      price

A          1          5          100

A          6          10          200

A          11         20         300

A          21         30         400

expected o/p:

prod      q1     q2          q3        q4

A          700    2000    1500      3500


1.for q1: 6 products then,1-5=100, 5*100=500 ,then remaining 1 is in range 6-10,1*200=200,

now q1=500+200=700

2.for q2: 8 products then,it continuous from q1 ie) 8 will be counted to q1(7-14) then 7-10=4*200=800 ,11-14=4*300=1200

now q2=800+1200=2000

3.for q3: 5 products then ,  it continuous to q1,q2 ie) q3(15-19) ,5*300=1500

4.for q4:9 products then, it continuous to q1,q2,q3 ie) q4(20-28),1*300=300 + 8*400=3200

now q4=3500..

we have to calculate all quarter as single not each quarter has range .

have to implement dynamically...

help needed ..

Thanks ,

Deepak Sibi

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