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Contributor III
Contributor III

execute script via AccessPoint (IE or Ajax)

Hi guys,

I have a script with an SQL EXECUTE Command to insert, update or delete rows in an SQL-Table via Variables.

Now I want to execute the script in AccessPoint (IE-Plugin or Ajax-Client) .

Is there any way to do this????

With Button and Action "Execute Script" it dosn't work. (only in Desktop-Client)

Thanks for your regards!

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Hi Christian,

only way to execute the script in Access Point is to create the reload task at QMC

Please check the below link suggested by JOE



Contributor III
Contributor III


I've seen this post already before, but if I trigger the programm by EDX I don't have filled the variables where the users make in the qvw on the access point.

Is there no way like Button =>Action =>Execute script?



Because in the AccessPoint, there is no Desktop-like module that integrates both the display engine and the reload engine. Those tasks are handled by different services. The QlikView Server service (QVS) handles document display but cannot reload, the QlikView Distribution Service (QDS) handles document reloads but cannot show you the result. Separate systems altogether.

[Edit] Corrected spelling errors...


There are workarounds though. EDX is the main one.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Peter,

thanks for your reply. I understand what you describe.

What other kind of workaround do you know to update, insert or delete manual inserts from AccessPoint to SQL-Database?