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Creator II
Creator II

help require where with the help scripting/macro where we can change the font, colour, width, etc of any object(text, chart, etc

Hello Friends/Guru's/Master,

I want to change the color, font, background color, width, height, etc of any object (text object, chat object, etc) by scripting/macro.

It will be great help if anybody show the way out to achive my requirement by providing me small QVW file example.

Awaiting for response

Thanks in Advance


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Master II
Master II

Hi, Have no idea for changing the color but here is the code for changing the font size. sub changeFont     set sheet = ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet               for i=0 to sheet.NoOfSheetObjects-1                               set sheetObject = sheet.SheetObjects(i)                               font = sheetObject.GetFrameDef.Font                               font.PointSize1000 = font.PointSize1000 + 1000                               sheetObject.setFont font               next end sub Regards. Siva Sankar