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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

how to get previous month results based on selection


i have requirement to show previous month results based selection,

if i select April then it has to show mar results how can i achieve

can any one help me to built set expression

thanks and regards,


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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


i have built a set expression like this

i am getting month based on selection previous month but aggregation is not happening.

it is returning 0 though i have value.

Sum({<DATE = {"=MonthName(DATE) = MonthName(AddMonths(max(DATE), -1))"}>}IN_CHARGE)<DATE = {"=MonthName(DATE) = MonthName(AddMonths(max(DATE), -1))"}>}IN_CHARGE)

MonthName(AddMonths(max(DATE), -1))--this is giving previous month based on selection.

sum({<DATE = {"=MonthName(DATE) = MonthName(Today(), -1)"}>}IN_CHARGE)----this expression working statically

i want set expression in such a way based on current month selection it has to show previous month results.

please help on same

thanks in advance,