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override section access during reload


We have a common section access and other reload scripts that are shared across many qlikview application files. In our of the Qlikview files, we would like to override the section access statement that runs during the reload. My questions is

1) If we write the section access in the qlikview application file, and then another section access statement runs in the common reload script, which one takes precedence. Or will give an error?

2) If after the common load script including the section access runs and then we again run a section access script, Will it give an error, or both section access statements will run or which one takes precedence?

Is there any other way to override the earlier section statement that has been executed during a reload?


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It's not quite clear what you are trying to do but I would avoid two section access areas in one application. Then I assume it would rather cause problems - maybe it worked if you droped the tables from the first section access and then applied the second one ...

I would rather use a if-loop to choose the needed statement, maybe in this way:

if documentname() = 'x' then

     include SA1


     include SA2

end if

- Marcus

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the requirement is that we have data reduction in the document and that comes from a common load script section access. However, there is one document where we want all the loaded users to have full data visibility. Therefore, I would like to change the data reduction field and load all values for all users in section access to give everyone full data visibility for that certain document

I would prefer to avoid making changes to the common loadscripts and would prefer to make the custom section access inside the qlikview file.

Since the common loadscript is a part of a whole loadscript packages that has a common section access script and runs for each file, I cannot disable that one either and do not want to customize the common loadscript for each file. I would rather have a custom section access in qlikview file if it needs one



By full access for everyone would it be easier to left the default section access within the script and disabled the section access within the document-properties in tab open. Otherwise you will need some efforts to customize the load-script with the replace from the section access. By the way - if you used a centralized include-variable for the section access to flexibilize the section access with a if-loop is a easier and with a well maintainability.

- Marcus