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Contributor II

passing Alternate state with document chaining

Hi Guys,

I have a summary dashboard where I am doing comparative analysis by using alternate states. I am taking Date1 & date2 as filters assigned Alternate state 1 & 2 respectively(AL1 & AL2). There are other supportive filters ( non alternate state) as well. Everything is working as expected till here.

Now my next requirement is to have drill down data on action of button where I will pass all the selected filters. I have configured button action->open qlikview doc-> provided name of qvw. I have checked pass the selection state box. Also checked second box where it applies state on top of current selection. 

But problem is Not able to pass AL1 & AL2 filters to next dashboard. My field name is same in both dashboards. Format of date is same. All other filters are getting passed except alternate state filters. Is there way to pass alternate state in document chaining?


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The only thing I was able to find that may explain things is the following statement from the Help:

Using Apply state on top of current can return unexpected results if the selections made in the two documents are conflicting.

The only other thing I found was the following Help link that may be what you need:



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