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passing multiple members to set Analysis stored in variable with parameter

Hi all,

I did found the following thread (Set Analysis - how to use variables inside set ... | Qlik Community) which deals with the problem I have.

Unfortunately, I could not figure out how it finally works. Here is my problem:

I have a variable (Calculation) with the following content:

Sum({<Product={$1}, Customer={$2}>} Sales)

I want to use this variable in a text box and display the summation value for two products (Product 1 and Product 2) at one customer (Customer 1).

Here is my problem: I am unable to pass two members to the parameter $1, however, if I just pass one product and one customer it works fine.

I tried the following syntax options in my textbox without success:

=$(Calculation('Product 1, Product 2','Customer 1)) ---> Just providing the list with single quotes

=$(Calculation('"Product 1", "Product 2"','Customer 1)) ---> Enclosing each product with a double quote

=$(Calculation('[Product 1], [Product 2]','Customer 1)) ---> Enclosing each product with brackets

=$(Calculation("'Product 1, Product 2'",'Customer 1)) ---> Using double quotes for the product parameter in total while enclosing each product with single quotes

I have no further idea how to make it work....

However, as mentioned if I just pass one product either Product 1 or Product 2 it works in two ways:

=$(Calculation('Product 1','Customer 1)) ---> Enclosing product in single quotes

=$(Calculation("Product 1",'Customer 1)) ---> Enclosing product in double quotes

Thanks for any help!

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Hi Marcel,

for me it worked:

- Marcus

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Master II
Master II

In your variable you have only two members but you are trying to pass three members (2 products and 1 Customer):

So if you want to pass two Product, please follow below steps:

1) Your variable (Calculation) expression should be as below:

     Sum({<Product={$1,$2}, Customer={$3}>} Sales)

2) And your expression should be as below:


If you want to pass only one Product then give the following expression:


Hope this helps....


Yes, commas within the variable parameters are difficult - here you will find much background informations for it:

Re: variable with comma parameter

Beside them the following workaround which transferred a compound search-string might be the easiest way to handle your case:

Sum({<Product={'($1)'}, Customer={$2}>} Sales)

=$(Calculation("Product 1"|"Product 2","Customer 1"))

- Marcus

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Hi Marcus,

I am sorry not having answered yet. I tried you proposal but it did not work. May it because of the spaces in the values that I am looking for?

Do you have a small sample app where you tried these things which I can learn from?

Thank you very much!

Best regards



Hi Marcel,

for me it worked:

- Marcus