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please explain me what is folder structure ?

Hi friends ,

I am working for project i need folder structure in qlikview ,

could you explain in details it is very urgent please ?

what is config ?

what is Extract ?

what is application ?

please could you give me brief description it is great help for me ?

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See the documents in Qlik Deployment Framework

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You are absolutely free in how you organize all the files needed to build the final QVW in folders, which makes it easier to understand the structure and find the relevant files.

You can find some common approaches in the place Gysbert linked to, or for a start, maybe read

QlikTip #25: How do you organize your QlikView projects in your file system?

You can find more approaches here in the forum, just search the forum or follow the links at the right of this thread.



Master II
Master II

what is folder structure ? ?  It's nothing but how u define folders for deployment or publish a projects to access through AP or Server.


1.save all ur source files one location u call folder name as "Source Files"

2.save all qvd files one location u call folder name as "Qvd Files or backend folder"

3.save all qvw files one location u call folder name as " qvw files or presentaion folder"

what is config ? --- the way of connections between ur folders and ur server.

what is application ?--- once u creared reports u can save as xxx.qvw,so this is called application.

what is Extract ?--- pulling/fetching data from sources.

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Hi Siva Reddy Garu,

Thanks anna,

I am recently Joined in an organisation  my Tl asked to create Folder ?

i prepare in normal model

could you show me one example it will be great helpful to me anna.

we have total 17 reports all reports have 2 tables information only.


ABC has 3 reports.

DEF has 4 reports.

GHI has 4 reports

JKL has 3 reports.

MNO has 4 reports.

How many applications we can create ?

and how many QVD's we can create ?

How can i chow the config file ?

how can i show the Extract ?

anna please help me on this.

this is great help for me , if possible could you give your number please.

Master II
Master II

Right click -->New--> Folder will create a new folder.

For creating folder structure, all the above answers are correct, so you can follow any of them.

You can create any number of applications, any number of QVDs.

More appropriate answer is start learning qlikview.