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problem with combochaart

I got a dimension MONTH extracted in the load like this



month(date) as MONTH,

and so on......................

this gives me monthnames as jan, feb, mar, apr, may ..................................

I also run a inline load like this

load * inline [

MONTH, goals

jan, 1000

feb, 1200

mar, 900

and so on............

but when I select fields and select MONTH there are double jan feb and so on with all monthnames

what am I doing wrong?????

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not very sure about your question. but if you look into the Load script the date and Month table will have many repeated Month name. for example, you have a date 01-Jan-2014, 01-Jan-2013, 20-Jan-2014, all of them will have the same value for the Month field.....

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Sorry for not explaning well.

After running the script and I select a field to show (MONTH) it comes out like this:

jan feb mar apr may jun jul sep oct nov dec jan feb mar apr may jun jul sep oct nov dec

it should only show the month name once like this

jan feb mar apr may jun jul sep oct nov dec


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is depend on which control do you use to Show and what is the setting....

If you are using a List box. Yes! it will only show the same value once.

If you are using a chart or table. is depend on the data fields you selected and the setups. For example if you select only the Month and goals without checking "Show All Values", it should display something very similar to your inline table. But if you select Date, Month and Goals, you will have a repeated Month value because of the Date.....

If you are just want to display all the value in a Text object. You need to add the key word "DISTINCT". For example: Concat(DISTINCT Month, ' ')....