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progressive extended

Goodmorning everyone

I need to create a chart with the incoming reports in 2017 and 2018.

as a dimension I have a month entry signal and the 2 expressions used in the graph are:

sum ({$ <[Entry Year] = {'2017'}>} [Request Code])
sum ({$ <[Entry Year] = {'2018'}>} [Request Code])

the count must be cumulated and in the settings of the object I have inserted progressive extended in order to have the cumulative of the month.

the problem is that in 2018 data do not stop in July but with the extended progressive approach, they extend throughout the year.

in the attachment I send you what I get with the progressive extended (1) and what I would like to get (2) that I get by removing the option no accumulation.

in sistensi would like to get the numbers of the first chart (culmulati) but for 2018 stop me in July.


Thanks for collaboration


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Specialist II
Specialist II


you could add year as a dimension,

so : no use of set analysis and plot will stop at june