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qlikview webview mode in desktop different than webview mode in browser

for some reason, qlikview webview mode in desktop showing different sizing of fonts, background etc. compared to webbview mode in browser:

using procurement demo from qlikview

2.     demo in chrome webpage - everthing looks fine


1.     desktop version in webview mode, note how background image too small and fonts all larger


makes it a bit diffcult to develop for webview.... any ideas?

5 Replies

1. Complain very loudly to QlikTech that you want to be able to choose which html rendering engine should be used for webview in Qlikview Desktop.

2. Force all your users to use Internet Explorer.

3. Develop in webview, deploy on the access point, see what looks bad, redevelop in webview, deploy on the acces point, see what looks bad, redevelop ....rinse and repeat.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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that is a bummer.

anyone have any tips how to best overcome this?

especially if users are going to be using ipads.

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We are experiencing the same problem,

We used to have 11.00.11154.0 as client and 11.0.11440.0409.10 as server.

Qlikview tech support recommended updating client to same version as server,

this worked for a few days and later we experienced that the webview looked

different compared to the sheet we built.

Now we rolled back to 11.00.11154.0 client and used the old backups for some sheets
(for testing) and we had no luck into getting the old view back.

What versions are you using, danielb1?

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We are using latest of each

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If you are using Windows 7 on the development pc, you probably have set your zoom-level for the screen to 125% (default level). This can cause a significant difference in showing QlikView applications with graphics and text. Reset to 100%, and see what happens.