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Creator II
Creator II

set analysis to react to list boxes

Hi Experts,

I have a single straight table in my whole dashboard and my data model contain single table directly pulled from source database.

I am doing YTD comparison of sales in the straight table which is working fine.

In the dashboard, I have also kept 5 list boxes. The issue is the straight table is not reacting to all my list boxes(but reacts to only dates list boxes beacuse the straight table contain set analysis with date variables).

How can I make my straight table react to all my list boxes??



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Specialist III
Specialist III

Can you upload your qvw?



What is your set analysis expression for YTD?

Are you nullifying any fields in your expression?


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Specialist II
Specialist II

As of my understanding u have 5 text objects which makes selections. all the selections are working seperately but not together.

If this is the case u should use toggle select. this will make selection over what is already selected.

PFA the appliation that demonstrates the same.

Please let me know if my understanding is wrong..


Creator II
Creator II

I have noticed that the chart is reacting to all the list boxes as per the data. I was confused earlier.

Anyway, thanks for your all the inputs.