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set analysis with the variable today()

Hello everyone:)

I need some help with a set analysis.

I include the variable year(today()) in my set analysis. but my problem is that mastercalender. for example my fiscal year starts at 1.10. and not at 01.01.

vtoday = year(today())


it's not perfect working because of my fiscal Year. So what can I Do?

today need to depend on my mastercalender..! I hope some of you have a solution. THANKS:))

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Accepted Solutions

vtoday = =IF(Month(today()) < 10, year(today())-1, Year(Today()))

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vtoday = =IF(Month(today()) < 10, year(today())-1, Year(Today()))

Specialist III
Specialist III

Can you post sample qvw for better solution?

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thank you now I have an solution but maybe u can help me with an another problem:D

So. I like to have an set analysis with Quarters-value but i would filter only the year.

now, i have a quarter ID but if i take the year i have 4 value for example

2014 Q4 = 47

2015 Q1 = 48

2015 Q2 = 49

2015 Q3 = 50

2015 Q4 = 51

vQuarter = QuarterID

that's not working only if i filter to a Quarter but i don't wanna filter quarter only year...

sum({$<QuarterID = {"$(vQuarter)"}>)XXX

THANKS for the answer