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Contributor III
Contributor III

set analysis with two variables for range


I have a problem with a set analysis that i am trying to use and it is driving me mad.

I have several connected source tables that come together to provide something like the following information:

1Steve7Outstanding 35
1Steve8Outstanding 35
2Mike7On Time40
2Mike8On Time40
3Jake8On Time35


I have also got on the sheet input boxes for two variables - vMinWeek and vMaxWeek

I am building a table that provides a single line for each staff member and want set analysis to provide a sum of the Hours_Per_Week where the Timesheet_Status is "Outstanding" and the Week_ID is between vMinWeek and vMaxWeek values.

my set analysis currently looks like this:


I have tried with single quotes and double quotes, i have tried with and without the aggregation, I have even tried splitting out the Week_ID check into two separate conditions but everything seems to keep coming back with the same numbers... any ideas?



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks Mwoolf,

I have tried the two solutions in the attached link however neither has made a difference to my calculation which still comes out with the incorrect answer.

I did note from the original thread that the user who posted originally couldn't make use of the suggested solution either.

Master II
Master II

See the attached qvw.

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Chris, not sure if Michael's last post got you what you needed with the example QVW or not, but I wanted to pass along a link to the Design Blog area that may prove useful on this one too:


If you want to search this area further on your own, use the following link for that, lots of how-to posts in this area from our internal experts.


If Michael's last post did help, do not forget to give him credit and let other Members know by using the Accept as Solution button on his post.  


To help users find verified answers, please do not forget to use the "Accept as Solution" button on any post(s) that helped you resolve your problem or question.
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