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Creator II
Creator II

set analysis

hey all

Please i ahve a question

i need to compare two fields in order to show an image

here is exactly my Expression

=if((uniqueid={"=[Account_Inflow Bracket Sort Order]>[Order Inf]"}), 'qmem://image_name/CorrectIcon', 'qmem://image_name/WrongIcon')

and i tried

=if(Account_Inflow Bracket Sort Order]>[Order Inf], 'qmem://image_name/CorrectIcon', 'qmem://image_name/WrongIcon')

=if([Account_Inflow Bracket Sort Order]={">[Order Inf]"}, 'qmem://image_name/CorrectIcon', 'qmem://image_name/WrongIcon')

these three expression didn't work with me can you help ?

Thank you in advance,

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Hard to say what the correct expression should be, but #2 was close to syntactically correct but a missing opening [

=if([Account_Inflow Bracket Sort Order] > [Order Inf], 'qmem://image_name/CorrectIcon', 'qmem://image_name/WrongIcon')

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