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sql data automatically refresh

hello every one.

my question is that now i have connected my sql in to qlikview and tables in sql are updated every day and have so much of information in them. is there a way to automatically refresh the sql table because manually when i do it starts from 2013/01/01 to current date and its very time cosuming as it takes around 1hr to load just for one day sql data .

hope i am clear about my question.

ps my data is in sql and i have connected already to qlikview.


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Creator III
Creator III

If your project runs on a server, it should be no problem. Just reload it every day at 11 pm or maybe 5 am.

It can be really time and resource consuming to load the whole database every time, you could look into the concept of incremental load. A setup where you only fetch the new and updated dataset from the database and store all historic data in a QVD layer. 


You may choose to fetch the updated data on a daily, hourly or whatever frequency you like (or your system can handle)

From Qlik help page: Using QVD files for incremental loadFrom Qlik help page: Using QVD files for incremental load


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