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swap expression order in graph using VB script


I have a QV pivot chart with 3 dimensions and 2 numerical expressions, vertically displayed as bars. The chart is sorted descending on the first expression. I can sort on the second by moving it up in the expression tab of the graphs properties sheet, but i want to make a button to have VB automatically perform this. I have tried the following, but it does not work

<pre>Sub swap_order

Set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH03")
Set props = obj.GetProperties
Set exprs = props.Expressions
Set tmp_0 = exprs.item(0)
Set tmp_1 = exprs.item(1)
End Sub

I would be really grateful if someone could tell me how to perform this in VB !

with kind regards, Jurjen van der Hoek

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You could add another expression to your chart, a copy of the first one.
Then you can disable the first or the third expression to switch the order.


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Hi Fredrik, thanks for your reply. I think yoyr suggestion is alright, but making a copy of an expression is not as simple as it might seem. Within the Graph class, there is method AddExpression, but it just has a text argument:

obj.AddExpression ("count([RFCT-refgmt])")

In this way, many properties of the expression are not copied as they are. In my post i also try to make a copy, but my method does not work. Thanks again though, and any other suggestion is welcome

with kind regards, jurjren van der Hoek