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syntax for action


I would like to add an action, which helps to choose the searchwords i want with conditions as the expression for the searching string, like in sql:

select* from xy where fieldname="blabla"

can somebody help me please?

It sounds easy but i cannot convert it. There is no problem to add it in the script but i need it for the Action

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Did not get the exact requirement , you could try like this .

Create a variable to capture the text that need to be passed for the script and you could use the variable in the where condition

Let vcontent="User_defined_text";

select* from xy where fieldname=$(vcontent);

you could change the variable value in the front end too , just add a input box and assign this variable for that

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i also tried this, but there is the same Problem. i have to put a condition (like where) which chooses * . but in the Expression (for Action) I cannot use WHERE ...


Is this a front end thing you are looking for or back end (script) based thing?

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what i Need is this as a Action expression:


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May be refer your thread  action-syntax for searching string like sql