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table is not showing all data within a dimension


I am new to Qlikview and trying to solve this issue.

I need to create a table with two columns, first column is each person's name, and second one is hours per month, which is derived from a calculation in the expression tab:

=IF(TODAY()>[Opp Exp Decision Date], ([Local Member Firm Fees]*[Opp Probability]/100)/295*0.5,[Local Member Firm Fees]*[Opp Probability]/100/295)/IF(((([Opp Est Eng End Date]-[Opp Est Eng Start Date])/30)=0),1,([Opp Est Eng End Date]-[Opp Est Eng Start Date])/30)

However, the result is not showing everyone's hrs/month, it's only showing few of them. what kind of issue is this? How can I make sure everyone's name is included.

Basically, my end goal is to create a hrs/month column which results from few of the raw data fields by writing a calculation script in the dimension field, based upon each person's name, or if you have better way please advise.

Can someone help me on this? Thanks!

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Master II

Can you upload a small sample with reduced and obfuscated data?

Without knowing your script and expressions it will be hard to assist

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The straight table only picks up distinct value but not the repeated value. As an analogy, if there are three "Rosanna" under name columns with three different ages, straight table only picked up one of the ages since the name Rosanna is a repeated data field.

The problem was fixed once I put another dimension, as an analogy, if I add another column of data field "Rosannas' hobbies" within the properties' dimension, which are singing, driving, traveling, then the table displays all data fields pertaining to Rosanna and their three ages.

I want to be able to show all of the data field relating to Rosannas and their ages, but not with the inclusion of their hobbies.


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Master II

i think you will get help much faster if you upload a small sample

which describes your problem in real sitiation.

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Contributor II


I am having this same problem. Under 'MEASURE', each 'CONTRACT' may have 1 or 2 measures but only those with 1 are showing in the table. Other contracts with 2 measure are blank under 'MEASURE'