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user management in Qlikview

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure whether this is the right platform or not for this question.



I have one dashboard which is implemented in Qlikview Personal Edition.

Now I want to upload this .qvw file in Qlikview Server (I already have one), and need to run in that.


1. Need to provide view access of this dashboard to many users in the Qlikview Server ? How can I do that one ?

2. Need to provide write access on this dashboard ? How can I do this ?

Eg: Suppose there are 10 users which need all rights (read & write) on that dashboard in the server, because they don't need to have Qlikview installed in their local machines.

Each user has ability to access the master copy of dashboard,

Ability to change anything in that dashboard

Ability to maintain that copy in their own folder in the server machine.

Could you let me know your ideas on this one ? If you need any other information please let me know.

Thank you.

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Master II
Master II

Create a source folder and User Folder

Source folder destination will be the place where you place your .qvw file.

User folder will have a .qvw file generated after you run the task it will have meta files as well.


You don't need to have so many folder;s as you see in Image. It is just an example. In your Case just Create one Folder


Folder Name                         Path

Test                                   \\yourfolderdestination

To give user write access you'll have to do it in your qvw copy. With this your users can create new objects in Access Point. You can add 2 or 3 extra sheets just for user testing/creation.

It doesn't matter if they have Qlikview installed in their machines or not. You'll pass the Access Point link to them (If you have one)

If they don't have access point and you;re willing to give them .qvw copy then place the copy in a shared server folder and grant access of that folder to only listed users.


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Hi arvind654

I think I don't have Qlikview Publisher & Distribution Services as you shown in your screenshot.

So Do I need those 2 to fulfill the above task ?

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Hi arvind654

I am not familiar with these things, could please explain more clearly for the above task?

May be step by step or guide me some document/video

Thank you.