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How to Create Bullet Charts / Graphs

Hi All,

Can I know does QlikView support to make a bullet chart / graphs like below? How to create it?


Thank you, All

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Re: How to Create Bullet Charts / Graphs

There are a number of steps involved. First you have to create a gauge chart.

orientation : horizontal

Do the gauge settings now:

Max:  Usually 120% of your expression. e.g. Sum(Revenue) *1.2

Indicator, Model

Show Needle



Switch of autowidth segments

Hide Segment boundaries, Gauge Outlines

Create 3 segments or more

Segment1 lower bound => 0.0

             2  lower => 0.5

             3 => 0.9

give relevant colors


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Re: How to Create Bullet Charts / Graphs

Now add a new Bar chart

no dimension, but add your expression sum(Revenue)

Orientation : Horizontal

Forced 0

Hide Axis both switched on

static max again 120% of your measure

goto color, set transparency to 100%

Layout tab: set shadow to No shadow

border width to 0

layer should be Top

caption turned off


Emboss bar chart over Gauge chart.

Job done.