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HowTo: Create a dimension in pivot with categories.

Hello, I want to know how to create a dimension with categories ot a value sell.

for example: I have 94 records that have to look like this in a pivot:

Categories     |     Zones:     |     1     |     2     |     3     |     4     |


from 1 to 10                        |    30    |     5     |     0     |     2     |

from 10 to 20                      |     2     |     2     |     4     |     9     |

from 20 to 50                      |     6     |     3     |     8     |     4     |

over 50                               |     9     |     2     |     6     |     2     |


the category is a cell that have the amount of workers per company.

All records have different number of emploees. I need a way to create the dimention so that it will remove the need to add a new field in the loading script, that will create the categories, as my original database has over 400 000 records with > 2 600 fields, and from them like > 150 to become different types of categories.

So the total amount of categories is > 400.

Hope this information is clear and that it is possble to create it without the need of adding all the additional fields.

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MVP & Luminary

Re: HowTo: Create a dimension in pivot with categories.

You can do it with intervalmatch. See http://community.qlik.com/thread/50880 for an example.

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Re: HowTo: Create a dimension in pivot with categories.

thanks for the idea, but I am looking to do this not in the load script, as it will take ages to write all different groups, as one time I need 1-10;10-20;20-50;>50 next time I want 1-3;3-5;5-9;.... and some other categorizaions. so it will be easier to have them in the dimention of the pivot table, and not in the load script.

Hope there is a way to achive this.