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Stacked Bar Chart: Need tooltip to show total stack value


I have a stacked bar chart showing SUM( Income ), the X-Axis is Year, and the stack is split by Department. I need the tooltip for the stack block to show the value of the SUM( Income ) for the Department (as per the default) and also show the total for the stack. I can do the customized tooltip easily enough, but can not get the total for the stack.

I assume that I need to use set analysis, and thought that SUM( {$<Department=>} Income ) would have given me the total for the stack, i.e. all current selections ignoring Department. However, I also realize that technically Department has not been selected.

Does anybody know how can I achieve this?


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I think you need Sum(TOTAL <Department> Income) to get the stack total.



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Thanks Jonathan - very close, I had to use SUM( TOTAL <Year> Income ) i.e. Year rather than Department, which worked exactly as I needed it to. Using Department gave me the total for Department across all years, I needed total for the year across all departments.