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Excel file upload in Qlik12.5

we are currently engaged in upgrading from Qlikview 11.2 to 12.5 - within this we have several scripts that load data from XL files. Some of these are running okay however several are failing with the error (System error: Filesystem::FindEx non existing dir \). Why is this happening? Qlik11.2 was able to read these files without any problem but Qlik12.5 fails?

The upgrade to Qlik12.5 is onto a different domain and we have added the new service accounts to the source XL file folder permissions.

as an example : -

this works

FROM [\\sslvld1prafss11.ssa-intra.net\Comm&Mktg\Monthly Commercial Performance Review\Qlikview\Qlikview files\* Planned Procurements ALL *.xlsx]

(ooxml, embedded labels, header is 2 lines)

this gives the error

FROM [\\sslvld1prafss09.ssa-intra.net\SS Finance\Expenses\Qlikview\Qlikview upload data\Aged*.xlsx]

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is ***)

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Does it fail by the qmc-load and by a manually load with the desktop client?

The following looked strange: ... table is ***). Never saw this so and AFAIK an Excel sheet couldn't have such chars within the sheet-name or should this be a special Qlik instruction to take a certain sheet?

- Marcus 


Thanks Marcus
The load is failing when run from QMC in Qlik12.5 - it runs fine in QMC from Qlik11.2.
The log file seems to change the actual table name in script to:  table is ***).  In this example it is a looped load to pull data from a sequence of worksheets within the same XL file - one for each year (formatted '19-20' and '20-21').
The actual script  is:   embedded labels, table is [$(variable)])
where $(variable) is set by      let variable= $(a) & '-' & $(b)
This returns a value of  "19-20" in Qlik11.2 but in Qlik12.5 is returning  "19 & '-' & 20".
I think this must be the issue but why is Qlik12.5 rendering this variable value differently?

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

AFAIK there wasn't a change within the variable-handling. You may try one or the other change to see if it's working, like:

set variable = [$(a)-$(b)];

I assume that you use a loop to calculate this variable in each iteration. In this case take a look on the start- and ending-parameter - return they always the expected values? Maybe the loop runs one too much and calling then a not existing sheet-name.

- Marcus