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QlikView App: Send Data In QlikView Alerts


QlikView App: Send Data In QlikView Alerts

This example has been produced to accompany the blog post Sending Data In QlikView Alerts

This application demonstrates how alerts e-mails can be sent when a certain criteria is met.  It also takes this concept further by showign how the CONCAT and AGGR statements can be used to construct a string from a number of expressions, which can then be used as the body of the email.

The blog article gives further details and explanation on how this works and how to implement it in your own applications.

Please also see my other uploaded QlikView apps and tutorials http://www.quickintelligence.co.uk/qlikview-examples/

Steve Dark


Honored Contributor II

Good work

Thank's for sharing


Thanks Enrique - glad you like it.

Valued Contributor III

Thanks steve,

You made things easy.

Kiran kumar

Contributor II

Nice document. Thanks!

Valued Contributor III

As always Steve,

very helpful  and understandable

thanks for sharing

New Contributor III

Hi Steve,

I created the alerts and click the Batch check box. Where we have to the server smtp mail set up?


Hi Hareesh,

When using Batch it uses the QMC SMTP settings - the exact same ones that are used to send alerts when reloads fail.  If you see the QMC failure alerts then you should be good to get QlikView alerts.


New Contributor III

Thanks Steve.  Please help on my requirement.
We have one requirement that sending an task failure alerts of a dashboard using a self subscribing emails.

We are the owners of server. we are working as a shared services. our server is using different development teams. We have to send the dashboard task failure alerts to.the owners of dashboard development teams.
Development team A dashboard task failure alerts.sends to only team A. we have to send the alerts by dynamically changing/adding email recipients.
Note: All of Development teams is not having email groups.

How we can do this in Qlikview..


Hi Hareesh,

The recipient list for emails can be read from a variable, just put something like $(vRecipients) in the recipients box.

This variable can be set in the load script, how you go about this will depend on how the subscription method works.  If you get addresses in a simple database table it would be something like;




FROM dbo.ApplicationAlerts

WHERE Application = 'My Application'


let vRecipients = '';

for i = 0 to NoOfRows('Recipients') -1

let vRecipients = vRecipients & if(i > 0, ',', '');

let vRecipients = vRecipients & peek('Address', i, 'Recipients');


DROP TABLE Recipients;

Hope that helps.

New Contributor III

Hi Steve,

I am able to send the Alert mails using Alerts option in qlikview desktop and using the QMC mail smtp details. But When the task fails, the Alerts mails are not sending. Please suggest how I can achieve this. Thanks!!

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