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Add .Jar Extension Object to QlikView

HI Dear QlikCommunity

I did my project of creating a Java extension JAR, then create the script.js with some HTML to invoke the JAR and basic Definition.xml file, I think my problem is in the direction I have in the line someone applet HTML could help to correct it? try to use the example that one finds in QlikCommunity but neither called TreeView. The following are the line parameters Applet in HTML in the Script.Js


function() {

var html = '<h1>GridView!</h1> ' +
'<d> '+
'<Applet code="grillaapplet.appletGriilla.class" archive="GrillaApplet.jar" width=400 height =400></Applet> '+
'</d> '
this.Element.innerHTML = html;

, true);


I saved the QlikView file in the same folder to QV Extension to test but not working "C:\Users\Ing.Marcos.Herrera\AppData\Local\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\Objects\GridView"

This is the code of Definition.xml file


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ExtensionObject Label="GridView" PageHeight="250">



This is the .Jar extension works in a JSP Web


See the AppletGridView.png attached file Please, i tried to post here but the forum showme a error message


And this is the Extension Object in QV Desktop


See the QVDesktop.png attached file Please  i tried to post here but the forum showme a error message


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Hi Marcos.

What is your goal with adding the applet into an extension - do you want the applet to communicate with qlikview data, so that your selections in the applet creates selections in Qlikview?

Is it possible for you to zip and post/mail your applet?

brg Robert

Svebeck Consulting AB
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Hi Robert

The Idea is show mi applet to a QlikView extension the JAR Applet run a Dinamic JTable (You can add rows and columns), insert the information in cells and sent to a CSV file the values of JTable grid.

Please chech the atachement files

1) WebProject.zip contains a Java WebProject (JSP), to test the GrillaApplet.Jar

2) GrillaApplet.zip contain the GrillaApplet.Jar file, the applet is signed with permissions to read,write and modify folders and files in hard drive the path to save de CSV files is C:\Archivos\ you made create this folder to test the applet.

Thanks for your help.



I do not quite understand your goal, but perhaps this is not important for me to understand. 🙂

So you want to fill this Dynamic JTable with data from Qlikview with the help of an Extension object, and then export the data from the JTable to a csv file? That is your goal?

(Why can't you use an internal Qlikview macro instead?)

Have you read the forum thread with the headline "Running a Java applet from within an Extension Object" (Search for that line in the search bar.)

That thread ends up with that it is not possible in QV 10 to test an Qlikview Extension with a Java Applet in the Qlikview Desktop Client - but it should be possible to test and run in the the Qlikview Ajax Client. Have you tested your solution in a Qlikview Ajax Client? Are you running QV 10 or 11?

Best Regards, Robert

Svebeck Consulting AB