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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Custom Qvx Connector with no access to commad pipe

Hi all

I'm writing a custom qvx connector that connects to a custom data source (through WCF).

After a regular connect (i.e. CreateConnectString) I get a correct custom connect instruction.

After this statement (or before, it doesn't matter) I'd like to automatically write down a load * inline... statement created directly by the connector.

To do so, I've tried to access to specific methods/classes of the QvxLibrary but I've seen that most of them (the useful ones!!!) are declared as internal and sealed, so cannot be used / overriden.

As a second attempt, I've tried to directly connect a client pipe handler to the command pipe but I obtained a timeout.

Is there a way to write something on the script window out of the connect and select statements?

Thanks in advance


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