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Extension Object initial load limited to 100 rows

I have an extension object based on a table that can have hundreds or even thousands of rows.

When the extension object is initialized  the script appears to be getting passed only 100 rows of data (this.Data.Rows) even when there is more.

The value of the PageHeight property in Definition.xml appears to have no affect.

I modified the script to set a PageObject(5000 row x 10 column) and trigger a refresh but that still only provides 100 rows.

However, when something changes in the data model (a selection is made, a variable is changed), then the extension object is "reloaded" and all of the table rows are available. But my clients should be able to see all the data initially without having to perform an extra action.

Is there any way to alter this behavior? 


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Hi Steve,

So the PageHeight property should work, however, in order for changes in the Definition.xml to take affect you need to remove the object from the QlikView sheet and then re add it again. This is because the definition gets copied into the QVW definition and is used from then on.

Your problem may be something different but it's worth checking.