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Extensions and layer issues

Is there a way to dynamically change the height of the box containing an extension?  I have a menu bar that expands downwards on hover so the height of my menu extension in QV needs to be large enough to accommodate for the expansion of the menu (otherwise it is cut off).  The issue is that this makes it so that any user interaction that is under that extension box is un-clickable... is there any way around this with either layering or allowing users to click through the extension box?

i.e. it may look liks this:

but when I leave web-view, the extension is really this big (covers Key financials):

I need the menu to be that big because I have other menu items that trigger a drop-down-box which would be cut off if I made the height any smaller...

Other than re-thinking our menu structure... any ideas on how to make this work and retain interaction with elements (like the Key Financials link above) that are 'behind' the menu extension?

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