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Python integration with Qlikview


We are currently trying to integrate Python with Qlikview to run scripts, load data and complete calculations. We are having issues downloading the Server side extension package and the GRPCIO package due to the filters on our systems.

Currently we are using a command prompt to run a python script in Qlikview but in the future we are looking to move to a remote server which will not have python on there. Therefore, we will not be able to use this method in the future.

Would anyone be able to offer any advice or workarounds to get either the packages installed or more importantly any other ways to integrate python with Qlikview in a way which would work on a remote server?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

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I was having the same issue with Python.

I don't think this helps you, but I was able to download Visual Studio Community 2017 (free) and code in c# to get the results I was looking to accomplish.

The servers I was working on that blocked Python did not block Visual Studio Community 2017.

Good luck!