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Qlikview API Help

We have a QlikView Access point check where we are basically making a post request to QlikView server then getting the stamp and a session.

We are then validating that certain files are on the server.

These checks were working fine then we upgraded QlikView Server to Windows 2012 from Windows 2008 and checks are failing with http 403 error which basically means access denied.

 I can see the 403 error on the server but it doesn't give an explanation. Its odd from the browser I can access the files. However when I use Postman I cannot see the files get a 403 nor through java code get 403 error. Any idea why that is? Something on the server blocking a directory or do you think I need to pass another variable through api call.

Is there a way I can see verbose error logs on Qlikview server?

I'm fairly new to QlikView and I know this question is fairly broad and a little vague but this about all I can post and any help would be greatly appreciated omegle azar.


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I will move this post to the QlikView Integrations board.