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Issue with 404 errors since upgrade to Server SR3

Hi all,

I'd like to start with saying that SR2 didn't have this issue.

We use a custom website that controls access to our QV documents.  It presents a link to the user based on which reports they have access to.

This was all working fine last week.. We upgraded on Friday.

Come monday, I've been receiving reports that people are encountering a 404 File Not Found error when trying to access reports.

We have a internal dns called fyi which directs to the site, and the links are in the form  http://my-server/QvAJAXfc/AccessPoint.aspx........

since the site is hosted on the QV server, http://fyi/QvAJAXfc...... also works, so does http://qlikview/QvAJAXfc/....

The issue i'm suddenly encountering is that some people, random people, can't access certain versions of the above url (which are technically all the same)

i.e. on my machine, the my-server method works fine, but the fyi method doesn't, however on another users machine, only the fyi version works.

Further to confuse matters, if I type http://fyi/qlikview, this takes me to the access point, at which point if I left the fyi/QvAJAXfc/... 404 error page open, I can refresh and have the page load correctly


1: visit http://fyi/QvAJAXfc/AccessPoint.aspx...myQvDoc..    I get a 404

2: open new tab, visit http://fyi/qlikview   Access point loads

3: switch back to tab with 404 error, refresh and it works.

And to confuse it even more, this only happens with the IE Plugin.

I really do not know whats going on here..    I *think* its something to do with IIS settings, but I dont't see how this could have changed from a server upgrade.. 

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: Issue with 404 errors since upgrade to Server SR3


Having the same problem. We attempted to add custom .aspx pages within several different directories for testing, and they all returned 404 errors when navigated to. Custom .htm files were accessible, but all custom asp.net files seem to give this problem. We need to implement a scenario such as this for our specific seemless authentication process (domain and non domain users). Please provide feedback as soon as possible.


Re: Issue with 404 errors since upgrade to Server SR3

Hi Matt

Did you ever resolve this issue I we have recently upgraded to QV10 SR4 and we are experiencing the exact same issue??

Any pointers would be really useful.



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