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Inverting AutoNumber


I want to invert the AutoNumber function. I have a list of forecast submissions where I want the latest submission date to be nr 1 and the oldest to be the highest number.

As it is now it is giving the latest submission date the highest number and the oldest nr 1. How do I write in the script to invert the numbering?

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Inverting AutoNumber

Hi Fredrik,

do it in several steps, without the AutoNumber() function:

- Sort the table by submission_date in desc. order (to have the latest date on top)

- Create a recordno() field to number the records

=> You can still use AutoNumber() if you want, but the recordno() should do as well.


Best regards,


Contributor III

Re: Inverting AutoNumber

Hello Fredrik,

The AutoNumber() fonction will create it's associated numeric values according to the order in which the different values of the expression received as a parameter are met. Simply preorder the data using a preceding load in the desired manner (latest vs oldest submission), and you shall have the desired result.




Re: Inverting AutoNumber

Hi Fredrik,

you could try this:

10000000 - AutoNumber(..)

Max. value depending on amount of records.

- Ralf

Re: Inverting AutoNumber

May be with the help Order By in descending




     Autonumber(FieldName) As FieldAutonumber

From Source

Order By SubmissionDate Desc;

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