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Section access doesn't work after reload data


I use QV Personal Edition 11.20.12235.0 SR-5 64-bit Edition (x64)

I add into document section access where descript users rights. Like this:

Section Access;



  admin, admin,

  user, user1, 5

  user, user2, 2


Section Application;

When user1 open the document first time and reload data he is seeing full data set, not only where ACC=5. He close document with save and open one again. Voila! After this operation he is seeing only data set where ACC=5. But, if he reload data again, he again will see full data set ! What I doing wrong? Why user1 is seeing full data set after reload?

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Re: Section access doesn't work after reload data

Have you set the options on the Document Properties, Opening tab to enable "Initial data reduction on section access" and "Strict Exclusion"?

Also save a safe copy of the document to a different name without these settings first!

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Re: Section access doesn't work after reload data

Yes, this happens, that's why reload rights are only given to power users (Who are authorized to see all data)

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Re: Section access doesn't work after reload data


If I understand... you have a section access and works fine after reload, close document and open again, is it correct?, well if it's true it's a normal behaviour of qlikview because when you reload again all data is reload (in QV desktop) and all data is performed so you have to close and open again this document to see your "reduce data".

If you prgram a task in QMC and specify an admin user and password, you can see data associated to a rol of a declared user.

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Re: Section access doesn't work after reload data

Data reduction is performed when you open a document. If you decide to reload a document that is already open, you'll have access to all of the data because no more data reduction.

In a server environment, a reload is usually performed by a service that will only open-reload-save a document (e.g. as your ADMIN account without link to the data). By default, AccessPoint users don't have any reload options so this problem will not happen in a server environment.

You can simulate the same behaviour in QV Desktop by:

  1. performing reloads with the admin account only from the command line (with options /r or /p i think)
  2. removing reload privilege from the USER role, so that users can only open a document but cannot refresh the data.