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AppEvaluator logging entries under both AppID and AppName

When I look at the results the files have the ID in the app name column for the first 10-20 rows and then it has the name after that. When I load the results in QSAEanalyzer each file then shows as two different app names.

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This is due to the fact the if you enter GUID when running the test the OpenApp action then instead writes the "friendly name" instead in the log and the two entries are shown.


I've added a fix that always uses whatever was entered when running the test. If a GUID was entered it will be shown, if a friendly name was entered then that will be shown.


The update will be delivered in the April update of the tools, but if you can't wait for that then you could insert this code in the load script at the top of the section called "section".

// This code block will ensure that whatever entered when running a test will be propagated into the app
// If OpenHub is changed to OpenApp it will instead always use the application name.
Load Distinct   
   AppName as AppNameFixed,
Resident TestLogs where SubStringCount(Action, 'OpenHub') > 0;

left join(TestLogs)
Resident FixTable;

drop field AppName from TestLogs;
rename field AppNameFixed to AppName;
drop table FixTable;

If you instead want the friendly name always then you could change the 'OpenHub' to 'OpenApp' in the code above.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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