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Concurrent users not working using NTLM

Hi ,

I am trying to run concurrent users in QVScalability tool using NTLM, i am giving username and password in sectionaccess.txt file. It is failing due to response code 418. Observed that it is not using second username and password. it is taking only my username and password for all test. 

Credentials that i am using are of User Named CAL qlikview.

Could you please help on this.

Error that i am getting : Assertion Failed! Extraction of values to make selection in..

Note: Same script works fine for single user and about 10 iterations.

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You might have 2 issues here: The error message and logging in with the correct user.

Section Access will be handled as a separate layer of security, it is an additional login to the document itself using the provided username and password - this is not directly tied to the ntlm user.

Regarding ntlm and named CALs, there is a section in the user guide for the tools regarding Security settings that is valuable to read through. By default all users will be simulated using the account that runs the tool, named CALs do not allow for multiple sessions for same username. Using header authentication is an option to simulate several concurrent users.

I recommend you to first check if your script works with 1 user and several iterations . If you see that every new iteration simulated a new login with a new section access user then that works.

The next step if you want to run concurrent users could be to change to header authentication (due to the named Cal limitation). If you go that route, make sure that the names in the headerfile match those of in the SA file (but no password).

As for the errormessage it could be tied to the above or it could be caused by the selected randomization method.

If the randomization is "random from all", it can fail when running a script towards a document with section access. This is due to that all values might not be available to select from for that user and the solution is to change to random from enabled or similar.

More information on your script & settings would be valuable if the above does not help.