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Need to select 2 static selections from Listbox in QVScalability tool

I am facing problem in selecting 2 static fields from Year Listbox (2014,2016,2017,2018). How do i find ID of that value.

I used Chrome developer tools, but there for value 2016, it is not showing any ID attribute in html .Could you please help ? also i dont want to use random selections.


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In order to extract IDs for values, you should go to Network tab in DevTools. This shows traffic sent between client and server.


1. open web browser and app you want to use.

2. open dev tools and refresh the page.

3. go to Network section, and select XHR

4. IF the ListBox you want to make selection is on the sheet that is currently open go to step 6 ELSE

5. Change sheet to one which contains ListBox in which you want to make selection.

6. Go through requests that start with: QvsViewClient.aspx?mark=

7. Select request, and from switch to Preview section.

8. Expand the XML structure. One of the request should contain list of object available on the sheet. Switch to Reponse sections and find the ListBox ID or Name. If it was found it might be a good idea to copy the full response to text editor with XML support as DevTools will present it as one line.

9. In text editor Find the ListBox for which you want to extract IDs, in my case for one of the publicly available demo apps it looked like this:

ListBox with ID LB40 has label Year. The values can be found in value section so for example above value 3 is year 2013. You can use extracted values for static selections.


Thank you Pawel. My issue is resolved