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Contributor III
Contributor III

QVS unloads .qvw when more than 20 documents are loaded to memory

Hi - We are seeing QVS unloading QlikView files from memory after =>20 documents are loaded. The server has more than enough memory and the unloading happens at 20 documents rather than with a relationship to the working set limits. There is a line in the settings.ini file that reads MarginTop=20 . I could not find any information on what MarginTop refers to, and I am guessing the MarginTop=20 is just a coincidence to the 20 .qvw unloading we see above. The server is running 1 tb of memory, working set limits are at 90% min and 95% max. The last test found the unloading began at 85% memory usage. MS Server 2012 R2 QVS 11.2 SR11. ANy ideas are appreciated.

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Hi Jim,

In your example QlikView is using 85% of RAM with a QVS_Min set to 90% right?

This would allow for 5% or roughly 50GB of Data to be available until QlikView starts purging cache to make room for new material. This does make sense as you are talking about 20 apps. 1024 GB / 20 is just those 5%.

QlikView internal engine has a highly sophisticated method for determining what to hold on memory. Items are evaluated on how costly they are to calculate, their age, their commonality and several other parameters.

I suspect that in this case you are seeing QlikView determining that removing one app that hasn't been used recently is the best way to deal with shortage of RAM.

To the best of my knowledge there is no setting for max amount of apps that can be used at any given point.


Hampus von Post,

Scalability Center

Contributor III
Contributor III

Yes, Thank you - we ordered more RAM and will be adding Nodes. Just need more power!