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Gold Client: Restarting failed exports and imports

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Gold Client: Restarting failed exports and imports

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Aug 22, 2023 5:32:59 AM

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Aug 22, 2023 5:32:59 AM



  • Qlik Gold Client


Hello, this is Steve George with Qlik's Gold Client team. In this short video I want to provide some important content on restarting failed exports and imports.

This video's agenda will consist of these items: introduction, how-to content, helpful information, and available resources.

The export and import programs attempt to perform a restart automatically; however, there are instances where the user may still need to initiate the restart. If the process was initiated as a single job and it cancels, then no automated restart occurs. This is also true if the process used multiple jobs and all of them canceled.

To manually restart an export or import, perform the following steps:

Locate the unique Runtime ID from either the WORKER's job name or from the log of the initial job and copy it to your clipboard. Here are examples showing this value in both locations.

Go to the Gold Client dashboard and select the Configuration button. On the next screen, select the ‘Restart Failed Jobs’ executable.

Paste the Runtime ID value into the 'Run Time ID' field.

In the Processing Options section, use either the default 'Export' setting or choose the 'Import' setting accordingly.

If you chose the ‘Export’ processing option, be sure to select either the 'Client Construct' or 'Data Echo' export type accordingly.

If you chose the 'Import' processing option, you have the additional option to select 'Parallel Processing'.

When finished, select the 'Execute' button to initiate the restart. Use SM37 or Gold Client tools to monitor the process.

Here is some additional info that may be helpful.

In some cases, it may make more sense to reinitialize the process from the start rather than from where it failed. Variables that factor into this decision could include the amount of data being copied and how much progress was made prior to the failure. Also, exports can only be restarted as a single job so that may be less efficient than starting over with multiple jobs. It is ultimately up to the user to determine what is the best course of action on a case-by-case basis.

Jobs that end in 999 are export jobs which have been initialized by the Restart program either automatically or manually.

It is possible to restart exports from Gold Client's Export Dashboard function.

Additional content is available within the Configuration and Utilities User Guide located on Qlik's Help website, and further support can be requested by submitting a support case. Have a wonderful day!

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