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What's New Qlik Data Analytics - September 2020

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What's New Qlik Data Analytics - September 2020

This video highlights some of the new capabilities and features available in the Qlik September 2020 Data Analytics product release.



Hey guys this is Mike Tarallo with Qlik
and it's time for you to learn what's
new in our latest Qlik data analytics
release. September 2020. This release has a lot
of great new features some with focus on our new enhanced
augmented intelligence capabilities with insight advisor
leading the way as your intelligent
assistant this video will just be a quick summary
look for the longer feature demonstration in the description where
this video is posted so to get started we'll cover our search
based analysis improvements
while in a Qlik sense app you can
immediately get answers to business
questions using natural language with search-based
analysis our insight advisor will auto-generate
the most relevant visualizations and analyses for the user
based on natural language processing
with each release we continue to add
more advanced capabilities to address
new use cases inside advisor can now generate several
new chart types that take advantage of
advanced analytical functions
such as k-means cluster and correlation
these new charts include cluster chart
correlation chart and control chart
search based visual analysis generation
is also now available on mobile devices
when using the Qlik Sense browser
interface allowing the creation and
search of analytics
on small form factors as opposed to
traditional authoring
I’m pleased to introduce you to a new
conversational analytics experience
native to Qlik sense available in the
Qlik sense hub on our SAAS environments insight advisor
insight advisor chat provides
multi-language natural language
that understands the user's intent and
delivers insight using natural language
for a deeper understanding of your
question insights include
auto-generated charts narratives
and more users can dive directly into
search-based visual analysis for further
and because it works across Qlik Sense
apps it allows people to find the right
even if they don't know where to look
for an in-depth demonstration of this
feature please see the longer feature
demonstration video
September 2020 introduces a new concept
business logic our new business logic
allows you to create business rules and
metadata to customize and guide the
behavior of insight advisor
when generating insights and interacting
conversationally with users
it includes the ability to logically
group fields classify data
specify default behaviors define
preferred relationships
and more users can create calendar
periods to define how measures should be
aggregated and compared based on
preferred time frames
and they can customize natural language
processing including defining vocabulary
rules and synonyms for more natural
for an in-depth demonstration of this
feature please see the longer feature
demonstration video
we also have added some visualization
improvements to this release
we have added the ability to include and
style reference lines for your
dimensional values
in bar and line charts allowing you to
mark dimensional elements
such as start and end dates of important
and we now have a new animator control
giving users the ability to animate
changing data over time
by auto selecting values in any
dimension and playing them in a loop
you can also control the visibility of
the hover icons that appear over charts
and there are some additional formatting
and styling improvements
please review the Qlik help site and see
the what's new document for this release
to learn more with the September 2020
we are introducing advanced analytics
onboard the Qlik associative engine the
first functions available
support k-means clustering allowing data
points to be grouped into clusters
based on similarity this is a highly
useful function
for customer segmentation fraud
detection and many other
use cases going forward we plan to
introduce additional advanced
the Qlik data analytics release for
September 2020
also has some other new features and
improvements which I won't cover in this
brief video
if you want to learn about these and
more be sure to check out our other
video materials
and the what's new page on the Qlik
help site
well that's it for this video if you
want a deeper dive on these highlights
and more with each release
be sure to sign up and subscribe for our
Qlik insider webinar series
with the next one scheduled in November
if you want to be notified when more
such as this are posted and are viewing
from YouTube, be sure to subscribe and
Qlik the bell icon
we want to hear from you so tell me in
the comments what you think and don't
forget to check out these other great
to learn more about clix data analytics
and data integration products
and please remember to join the
conversation with myself and others in
the Qlik community
thanks for watching I hope to see you on
the next video take care.

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