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What's New Summary - Qlik Data Analytics - February 2021

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What's New Summary - Qlik Data Analytics - February 2021





Hey guys this is Mike Tarallo with Qlik and it's time for you to learn what's
new in our latest Qlik data analytics release February 2021 this video is just a summary of the highlights for more in-depth demonstration be sure to check out the longer feature

demo video available on YouTube or as a companion video where this video is posted
this release brings new integrated data cataloging capabilities and consolidated
sap connectivity directly to Qlik Sense Saas we have also added improvements
to our augmented analytics in insight advisor new visualizations and chart
enhancements as well as additional connectivity and productivity improvements as usual
be sure to check the Qlik help site what's new document
for other improvements not covered in this video so let's jump right in with some of the highlights Qlik Sense Saas now provides a data first experience in the Qlik Sense SaaS hub it now offers an initial set of
data catalog capabilities that will be the foundation for additional related functionality
in the future integrated data cataloging allows users to spend less time finding
data and more time getting value out of it in this initial release, users can now
add supported data files to spaces directly from the toolbar once uploaded a user can view or assign
tags alternative business names and other metadata properties they also can perform data profiling as
well as view sample data making it easy to find classify and determine which data is best to use
within a new or existing app to better help customers modernize their SAP environment
our next leading feature provides consolidated SAP connectivity Qlik in Qlik Sense SaaS delivering further
value to end-to-end sap solutions we have expanded our analytics connectivity
with a new sap BW connector within the Qlik Sense SaaS environment this upgrades and merges the existing
sap info providers and Web connectors our sap end-to-end solutions can help customers accelerate their data
modernization and cloud initiatives as well as uncover more insights within their sap data within the area of
augmented analytics we have made several improvements to our search-based analysis
powered by Insight Advisor will now generate multiple charts
when calendar periods are defined within business logic displaying additional analysis between
time periods and questions asked within search-based analysis will generate narrative insights and
interpretations of the data where applicable within insight advisor chat we now offer
follow-up suggestions peaking curiosity and prompting further insight we have also improved on context
awareness adding the ability to ask more questions within the context of the previous
question or clear it to ask new questions in regards to productivity and visualizations we've added a bunch of
features I'm sure you all love a new grid chart the ability to hide sheets based on conditions
a video player component so you can embed and play videos directly in Qlik Sense apps and one I personally
have been waiting for the ability to now reference existing master measures
in new master measure expressions, we have also added a new reload action to our button component so users
can update data on-demand directly from the analysis dashboard to see all of these in action be sure to
check out the feature demonstration video and finally, we have also improved the
user experience by allowing you to customize the hub home landing page
users can now control the visibility of content and position it in the order that is meaningful to them
there is also a standardized toolbar providing consistent navigation interactions and structure across the
hub management console and my Qlik interfaces well that's it for this video if you
want a deeper dive on these highlights and more with each release be sure to sign up and subscribe for our
Qlik Insider webinar series with the next one scheduled for February 24th
if you want to be notified when more videos such as this are posted and are viewing from youtube Qlik the
bell icon below we want to hear from you so tell me in the comments what you think
don't forget to check out these other great resources to learn more about Qlik and Qlik Sense
and please remember to join the conversation with myself and others
in the Qlik community thanks for watching I hope to see you on the next Qlikvideo
take care
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