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    Known Regression on UNC Path Support in v1.1 of the QlikView Governance Dashboard

    William Kehoe

      QlikTech has uncovered a regression defect in the recently released v1.1 version of the Governance Dashboard.


      In prior releases (v1.0.1 and v1.0), it was possible to use UNC path notation to reference folders containing files to be scanned, whether those folders contain QVX/QVD/QVX files or the log or repository files of QlikView Server or Publisher (in these prior product releases, the UNC paths had to contain at least one sub-folder below the root share folder).

      In the v1.1 Governance Dashboard, any use of a UNC path to designate the location of files to be scanned silently fails to scan those folders (or any of that path’s sub-folders).  A warning is issued only when no files at all are scanned (whether because all were UNC paths or there really were no matching QlikView files in all of the non-UNC paths provided).  In that case, the following error message displays when the scan attempt completes:   File Scan Failure:  No files were scanned.

      QlikTech has identified the underlying cause of this UNC path defect and will make available a new service release of the Governance Dashboard in January 2014 that corrects the problem.  In the meantime, users for whom using a mapped drive letter to reference a UNC path is feasible can work around the defect by mapping any UNC paths to a drive letter and use the mapped drive letter to reference folders containing files to be scanned (e.g., V:\QVWs).