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    Semantic Load

    Nitin Gupta

      What is Semantic Load and what are its benefits.........

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          Bill Markham



          I have never heard of a Semantic Load , where did you hear this term and can you put it into context ?



          Best Regards,     Bill

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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            This is explained in detail in the Qlikview Reference Manual in section Semantic Links. You can find an example here: Self-referential database objects

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              Tresesco B

              semantic loads a table

              not as a logical table, but as a semantic table containing relationships that should not be

              joined, e.g. predecessor, successor and other references to other objects of the same type..


              for detailed discussion refer, manual (search for 'semantic links').




              Tables containing relations between objects can be loaded through a semantic prefix.

              The syntax is:

              semantic( loadstatement | selectstatement)


              Semantic Load * from abc.csv;

              Semantic Select Object1, Relation, Object2, InverseRelation from