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    QlikView Web Ticket not passing User ID to QVW

    Jon Bates

      I'm using the Webticket method of authenticating and section access for authorization (on QlikView Extranet Server).


      I'm able to successfully generate a ticket and successfully log into the access point using the following call:


      However, when I try to access a QVW with section access enabled, the user is then prompted for login credentials:


      Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 9.08.40 AM.png


      It was my understanding that QV would pass the User ID of the logged in user to the QVW file.


      I'm using DMS method of authentication and my users are stored in a table using ODBC.


      How can I pass these credentials to the QVW from my PHP webticket script to avoid this? I've tried hard coding user credentials in both the PHP script that generates the ticket and the QVW load script.

      I cant use NTNAME, as this is a public/customer-facing server - therefore the users can't be authenticated with NTNAME.

      Can anyone help??