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    QV server and  Citrix

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any tips regarding installation of the latest QV server version, in a Citrix environment.

      Mainly, what should be installed on the user’s side, and from the application side, what should a developer take into account.

      I would also like to have some estimation of the hours needed for installing the QV server and the licenses to quote to the customer.


      Thanks in advance!

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            Hi Nagaraj,


            I went over the posts before, but couldn't locate the info I need.

            I assume there might be a difference also because of the QV server versions.


            Thanks any way!

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                Peter Cammaert

                QlikView Server will be installed outside the Citrix environment on one or more dedicated machines. You don't want any outside processes to steal memory from QlikView server. Moreover, the installation process is streamlined and usually very straightforward (exceptions: see further). It's the clients that require some discussion with admins (e.g. what about mobile clients, how do they get access to the company network?).


                Single platform QVS software installation on a prepared machine (real hardware, no virtual machines) can take from as little as 15 mins. to about half an hour. The subsequent configuration can take from as little as 5 mins (standard install) to a couple of hours. Please note that this can vary depending on whether you plan to distribute services across different machines or QVS will be load-balancing from the start. I suggest you multiply your initial estimate by the number of platforms.


                There are no different products to install: it's just QVS and everything else is activated from the server license. If QlikView will connect to an SAP-system, add a few hours to convince SAP-administrators of the sanity of installing QV transports in a production machine, and about half an hour for the installation itself.


                Clients/desktops: on average, an AccessPoint is accessed with a simple browser. IE is installed by default, so you won't have anything to do here if your users will enter the AP URL by themselves. In Citrix, admins usually install a preconfigured IE instance and publish it as simply "QlikView" or something. I say "admins" because that usually is not the responsibility of a QlikView installation specialist. Desktops are installed as standard applications inside the Citrix environment and published to those users that need access to it. Be aware that QlikView Developers sometimes try to allocate as much RAM as the qlikview server, but this time inside a Citrix enviroment. This may cause some stress for either the developer or the Citrix admin


                As with everything ICT, the better prepared, the shorter the installation time.


                Nagaraj's second link has a highly useful post by bill.markham. I don't really know what other information you are looking for.