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    Looking for help with new Notes & Annotations tool

    Rob Wunderlich

      I have heard customers comment that they don't use the QV Notes feature because they have to go looking for Notes. They want something like a "push" or digest feature. I'm developing a qvw that collects the Notes/Annotations into threads, and possibly alerts subscribers to updated threads.


      At this point I need some real data to continue testing with. I don't have many Notes on my test server and I don't have current access to any customers who make use of the notes feature.


      Is there anyone with real notes (or a consultant with customer who does) who would be willing to collaborate with me? I ship you the tool, you run it and send me the output. You can scramble the output so no customer data is sent to me. In return you get early access to the tool and an opportunity to guide it's development towards the features you want.

      Respond here or PM me if you're interested.